How much are motorised roller blinds?

The perception is that motorised roller blinds are expensive in New Zealand. 

This is not the case and with motors starting at $200 plus gst the option is very affordable.

In our experience, customers are always pleasantly surprised at how economical a blind automation system is for roller blinds, roman blinds and curtains and how useful they are on a window.

Our partner Roman Blinds Direct do very well priced and reliable motors for roller blinds

They also do Roman blinds and motorised curtains.

We believe the perception that motorisation is expensive has come from theĀ  “Smart Home” concept and the media attention around that topic over the last years which makes people think its dearer than it actually is.
Smart home technology automates every aspect of the home and is commonly seen in multi-million dollar designer homes which puts people off automation for blinds.

This is a great shame as the research on the topic finds that the battery, motor and remote control for the motor are extremely affordable and the range is extensive.
Motorised blinds don’t need to be just for wealthy folk and you too can get the benefits from home automation.

Roman Blinds Direct have done their best to make motorisation affordable for all families through obtaining the best quality parts and onselling at low margins to assist with affordability.

Therefore, you do not have to have a smart home to qualify!

Contact me (Colin) and I can help you choose

Click here to see pricing on the motors and accessories
Bulk orders can be negotiated.

We can also provide “Deluxe Blind Control” on all non-motorised blinds which will partially cover the chain/cord and make it more difficult for youngsters to get entangled. These are easy to install on your wall.

Click here for more information on that.

How do motorised roman blinds work?

The motors can be either battery powered or powered by 240 volts. With a touch of a button, your motorised roller blinds, roman blinds, or curtains will open or close while you relax knowing the children are safe. The motors are strong, very effective and are easily operated.

There is a range of lithium batteries that are a popular choice for the battery option and this prevents wiring from an electrician being needed for the motors. Batteries are provided for the remote control also.

To a parent’s eyes, no power cables on the wall is a win. The motorised roman blinds and roller blinds come with robust motors and will fit most windows. The powered by choices make them very desirable for batches and cribs also where power is not always consistent and the motors are exposed to power surges. 

Summary of buying motorised roller blinds, roman blinds and curtains.

Motorised blinds make things easier for busy people who work from home; you’ll be able to change your shades whenever you want throughout the day just with one touch of a button. The options are powered by electricity or powered by batteries. Either way, the motor will do the job nicely.

In addition, raising and lowering shades with remote control makes it easy to adjust room temperature by closing the blinds during hot summer days and blocking out sunlight or opening them over winter to allow the sun in to warm the room. The motor supplied is strong enough to cope with the heat and cold of typical New Zealand conditions.
Thermal blinds will also help keep warmth in when needed in the winter months. Window glass does not act as insulation in both seasons so having automated blinds is very beneficial.

If you have large windows and many blinds to open and close every day, electric roller blinds are a great option. They are quick and easy to use and getting your blinds motorised is a home automation must-have.

 Once you have an automated blind it is hard to go back to manual blinds and we are only a phone call away if you need help. 

Automation gives you many benefits such as control, privacy, peace of mind, and this is why many people are getting their blinds motorised.
The installation process is also easy and we have information on the website on how to measure your blinds.

Cheers Colin

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