Are Roller blinds suited to New Zealand?

What is a roller blind?

A Roller Blind is a window covering that can be installed on the inside of your window. It’s great for any room because it creates privacy and works well in rooms with large windows.

Roller Blinds can come in many shapes, sizes and colours so no matter what style of d├ęcor you have, we’ve got the perfect Roller Blind to match. The materials vary on what the blind is designed for.

Are Roller Blinds suited for New Zealand?

Due to the beautiful and strong modern fabrics many kiwis opt to order the blinds used for Blocking sun, blocking heat, keeping warmth in, privacy (but can still see out), and roller blinds are ideal for the homeowner in New Zealand. Sunfilter, sun shade, block out and thermal are all available in stunning modern colours with UV resistance.

Roller Blinds are also super easy to install! All you need is a drill plus a Phillips head screwdriver and you’ll be able to install your new blinds in minutes.

Roller Blinds are a great alternative to traditional window coverings like curtains and shutters. Roller Blinds are affordable, versatile, easy to install AND they look fantastic! What more could you ask for? Shoppers who were unable to find the perfect window treatment for their home will love how easy it is to purchase Roller Blinds online and how affordable they are.

Roller Blinds are available in three unique varieties:

Roller Shades are perfect for bedrooms and living areas because they’re super easy to operate! They fold up from the bottom so you can easily raise or lower your shades, allowing them to be used as curtains, shutters or even a room divider. When it comes time to clean, simply roll-up of the shade and wash it with warm soap and water when necessary. They also come equipped with a built-in valance that eliminates light leakage during the day. 

In cold weather you can use Roller Shades to help keep your home warm, while in hot weather they also help cut back on the heat, allowing you to make the most out of those cool summer nights. Roller Shutter Blinds are a great way to add privacy and style to any room in your home. They’re perfect for bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms because they have that classic look similar to traditional shutters but without all of the hassle and cost!

If you want extra privacy you can use Roller Shutter Blinds as an effective window covering or if you don’t mind sunlight filtering into some parts of your home then it’s easy to use them as translucent blinds by rolling them up at the bottom when you need more light.

Sunblock roller blinds are just what they sound like! They’re made of a fabric that allows light to pass through during the day but blocks out 98% of harmful UV rays and 90% of heat.  This means you can let in lots of natural light without having to worry about maintaining control over your home’s temperature in the summer or keeping your bulbs from burning out faster.

Roller Sunblock Blinds are available in two different styles:

Roller Shades have a built-in valence at the bottom so you don’t need to worry about extra flaps hanging down and covering your view when rolled up. Roller Shutter Blinds also feature a valance but it doesn’t extend all the way across, giving you full range of motion while blinds are in place.

No matter which style of Roller Blind you favourite, at The Home Depot we carry them all! We also have installation accessories like track and mounting brackets so it’s easy to get the job done right the first time.

Roller blinds can be delivered to your home, and installing a new blind is easy and affordable!

Roller Blinds are an ideal solution for any room in your home including bedrooms, living rooms or even kitchens

.Shoppers who want to purchase stylish window treatment but don’t necessarily have the time, tools or desire to install them will love how easy Roller Blinds are to put up! They’re affordable, versatile and super easy to install.

Roller Blinds are available in three different styles: Roller Shades Roll Shutter Blinds Sunblock Roller Blinds All of these styles come with a built-in valance so you don’t need to worry about extra flaps causing light leakage during the day. No matter which style you choose, Window Covering Guys has it all at The Home Depot! If you choose roller blinds for your home please let us know by leaving a comment – we’d love to hear from you! Do you have roller blinds in your home? If so, what style do you have?

How to measure your window to order roller blinds?

Measure how tall your window is, from the floor to the inside of the top rail when it’s closed. Measure how wide your window is, from left to right with no divider in between. Measure the length of the window, from left to right when it’s fully closed. We use these measurements in order to figure out what size roller blind is best for your window. 

How to fit a Roller Blind

Fitting instructions (for Roller Shades):

1. Choose a header rail height that matches your window height

2. Use a level and mark along the baseboards where you want to install the brackets. Then simply follow these measurements:

3. The first bracket will have one end attached to your header rail using provided screws, on top of this bracket place the second bracket; make sure it is not on the same side as the head rail.

4. Use provided screws to attach the second bracket to your window frame

6. Turn both of them together until they are inline with each other and use a level to make sure they are parallel (horizontally)

7. Attach brackets together with provided screws

8. Hang roller shades onto rails

9. Adjust your roller shades by sliding them up or down – that’s it!

Measurements: As seen above measurements are really important – be honest with yourself when ordering blinds because it is very unlikely that you will get a perfect fit if your measurements are wrong.

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