14 reasons to choose Roman blinds over other window treatments

Roman blinds are a type of window covering that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. They’re far more attractive than other types of blinds, and their features make them an excellent purchase for those looking to renovate or update their home’s decor.

The roman blind has been around since the 1800s, though it wasn’t until recently that they became as well-known as they are now. This blog post will cover why you should consider buying a roman blind over other types of window coverings for your windows!

14 Reasons to consider roman blinds over curtains and other blinds

  1. Roman blinds can be made in any fabric colour and can match any décor
  2. Roman blinds can be used for privacy or to block out light
  3. Effortless installation – you could install it by yourself!
  4. A roman blind is nearly impossible to see through from the outside: no more peeking into your bedroom window while people are on their porch.
  5. Roman Blinds also provide excellent UV protection, keeping interiors cool in summer and warm during winter months.
  6. Roman Blinds hang vertically, so they’re virtually undetectable when not in use; plus, there is nothing worse than seeing those ugly cords sticking out of one side of your window all day long!
  7. Unlike curtains or other types of vertical blinds that often need constant adjusting, Roman blinds sit nicely when not in use and will display beautifully when in use.
  8. Roman blinds provide an airy, light feel. Curtain styles can be too heavy and dark for some homes.
  9. The roman blind is a versatile window treatment type – you can control the amount of sunlight coming into your home by adjusting them as needed! Curtains are often not adjustable or only offer limited options to move sideways and not up and down.
  10. Roman blinds keep the cold out in winter and allow your home to breathe in the summertime. Curtains can trap heat inside during the hotter months, resulting in high energy bills!
  11. Roman blind is modern, stylish window treatments that are quick and easy to clean. Curtains take a lot more time to get dry after cleaning, and you can’t just throw them in the washer!
  12. You don’t have to worry about getting roman blinds wet during rain storms – they’re waterproof with an added layer of fabric on the front panel for weather protection.
  13. Curtains often come un-tucked at some point (during installation or when moving furniture), but Roman blinds stay put because they require no tucking.
  14. Roman blinds offer privacy while still letting light into your home – this is great for bedrooms where children need full-spectrum lighting from natural sources like sunlight.

With all these benefits, it’s hard not to want roman blinds for your home.

How much do roman blinds cost?

Roman Blind Pricing: The price of a roman blind will vary based on fabric selection, size and number needed. In general, though, these will start at around $100 per panel depending on where you purchase them from as well as what fabrics are used and if thermal backing is required.

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