Are roller blinds good for insulating my house?

For homes with windows, blinds are the most efficient way to reduce the heat that goes out of room over winter and into a room over summer. Roller blinds also provide a degree of privacy and/or interior decoration which is a bonus.

Roller blinds offer excellent insulation properties particularly if you choose a thermal backed blockout blind which are designed to keep heat in over winter and heat out over summer. This provides excellent insulating properties in both seasons and will save you money on your power bill.

Do roller blinds offer good insulation for a lounge room?

The answer to this question is not as straight forward as you might think. Roller blinds, in the main, are made from synthetic materials and often have a backing of plastic film which has a low thermal conductivity. This material does provide some insulation for your home but it’s unlikely that they will be able to insulate one room by themselves.

The better bet is to get thermal backed roller blinds and if you live in very cold conditions then having curtains to go in front of the roller blinds will also help you insulate your room and have better control over how much light can enter into it as well.

How do Roller Blinds work?

Let’s take a look at how roller blinds work so you can decide if they’re right for you.

Roller blinds work very similarly to a window shade. They rely on the same mechanism for opening and closing, which is typically done by moving it up or down in an arc motion with poles that are connected to the bottom of the roller blind. Unlike venetian blinds however, they do not have any slats but instead use one piece of fabric and there are a few choices in fabric thicknesses and purposes to be considered. I.e do you want to block the sun but still see out and have people see in, or do you want to keep hot sun out, warmth in etc .

What is the best fabric for insulating your roller blinds?

– The best fabric for insulation is a heavy weight polyester, which can block out nearly 100% of light. If you opt to use cotton or wool instead, they may not be as effective and will also have less soundproofing capabilities due to the more natural materials being used.

– Heavy weight polyester blinds with thermal backing also have the added benefit of being more durable than cotton or wool and is less likely to be damaged by water.

Do I need Thermal Block Our Roller Blinds For Insulation?

– Thermal roller blinds are a perfect option for insulation if you live in an area that is prone to extreme temperatures. The thicker fabric used will help keep the heat inside during winters, while also blocking out harsh UV rays and outside sound during hotter months of the year. Roller Blinds with thermal block can be custom made and purchased from our preferred supplier Whole Blinds.

Do Thermal Block Out Blinds keep the heat out in Summer?

The standard weight polyester fabric will still do a good job of providing insulation during warm and cold seasons, while also blocking out noise and light from outside sources. However thermal block out blinds are the ultimate blind for insulating your home.

Are insulating roller blinds easy to fit

Once you order roller blinds from Wholesale Blinds, they will come with detailed instructions on how to measure the windows correctly and fit them. The first step is measuring your window’s exterior dimensions accurately.

– With a tape measure, take inside measurements from the edge of one end of an opening to the other side (including any overhang)

– Measure both width and height so that you can find out how snugly it fits in its specific area

Next, compare these numbers against our roller blinds specifications sheet for size guidelines:

Do roller blinds keep cold out?

Yes, roller blinds are good for insulation. Roller shades can be closed to block out the cold and keep your living space warm in winter or cool during summertime.

  • insulation is important because it helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside of homes by preventing heat from escaping through windows
  • this also aids in energy efficiency when you

Are roller blinds better than curtains?

Many people are switching from curtains to roller blinds because they offer more benefits. Roller shades are an inexpensive and energy-saving way of insulating your home or office, as well as providing privacy by blocking out unwanted views.

The thicker the material used in a roller shade is, the better it will be for insulation purposes. However, some people have concerns as curtains have been their choice for the past years. You can have a curtains and roman blinds together and match the fabrics however blockout roller blinds typically use a special polyester type fabric with a thermal backing so it is difficult to match colours exactly.

This is why roller blinds are usually in more neutral colours so they will match the decor easier.

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