Are Roller Blinds a Good Choice for Your Bedroom?

One of the most common window treatments in bedrooms are roller blinds. They can be a great choice in a bedroom if you want to have privacy and light control without sacrificing style. There are many different styles, textures, colours and patterns to choose from. Roller blinds also come in a variety of shapes that may better fit your windows than other types of window treatment options like curtains or sheers.
This article will explore some pros and cons for choosing roller blinds for your bedroom needs!

What is the best material for roller blinds in your bedroom?

There are many different materials that can be used for roller blinds and for a bedroom it is wise to choose a material that is easy to clean and also provides privacy at night when bedroom lights are on. We recommend blockout blinds for this and if you live in a cold region then thermal blockout blinds will help with keeping the room warm.
The reason we like blinds that are easy to clean is due to dust build up and sleeping at night you want a dust free environment. If you want something easy to clean and maintain, a woven polyester material will work well for your needs. If you have an allergy-prone family member in the home, then polyester or PVC is a good choice

Are roller blinds good value for your bedoom?

If you want privacy for your bedroom when you are watching TV, roller blinds are a good choice. They are perfect for blocking out the light and give you privacy without having to constantly adjust them like curtains.
If you want to keep your bedroom dark so it is easy to sleep, roller blinds can help with this too! Roller Blinds block out over 99% of sunlight which means less interruptions during slumber time.

Where is the best place to buy roller blinds

When it comes to cleaning, a light vacuum will remove dust or debris. Window cleaners can also be used on blinds as well. You want to make sure you’re using the right cleaner for your type of roller blind material though! Test the area first to ensure any colour run. We usually recommend just a weak solution of detergent and warm water with a soft cloth.

Will roller blinds keep heat in

The answer to this question will depend on what type of material you use for your roller blinds. Thermal backed roller blinds are designed to keep heat in and out in summer time. Rollers made from vinyl or canvas are usually designed with a thicker fabric, which means they won’t let as much heat escape in the wintertime and keep it out during the summer. Polyester can also help block light and reduce however the thermal backed roller blinds are the best choice to keep heat in. make sure you provide accurate measurements so the blinds are close to the frame.

Are roller blinds washable?

As you are sleeping in your bedroom, keeping blinds clean and dust-free can be a challenge. Roller blinds are easier to clean than other window treatments like curtains or sheers because you don’t have any of the fabric hanging down. Cleaning roller blinds is just as easy as cleaning windows and having them dust free will ensure you get a much better sleep.

How to fix roller blinds that are stuck

If your roller blinds are giving you trouble and won’t raise, then the most common solution is to use a stepladder. You need to make sure that the ladder’s base is directly under the window sill so it will stand firmly on its own. Once you’re up there and have gotten close enough to reach out for the chain, look for any items that might be preventing the chain from moving freely. If you find anything, simply remove it and try to raise the blinds again. Do not force the chain as there may be some material in there blocking the movement.

What to clean roller blinds with

You can find roller blinds in many different places but we recommend you get them online from custom roller blind manufactures that will deliver straight to your door! The blinds are easy to fit and if you measure accurately there will be no problems.

If you have plastic shades use window cleaner that’s made specifically for plastics and be careful. Always spot text first in an inconspicuous place and leave overnight

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